SOUND LEG instructions

a. Measure distance from below the
     knee to top of the ankle.
b. Measure distance between below
     the knee and the thickest
     portion of the calf.  
c. Measure circumference below
    the knee.
d. Measure portion of the of the
    thickest circumference of the calf.
e. Measure circumference above
     the ankle.

prosthetics instructions


a. Measure from the top of the
     microprocessor to the top of
     the ankle.
b. Measure circumference of
     the pylon.


a.  Measure the circumference of
      the base of the socket.
b. Measure length of the plyon.
c. Measure circumference of
     the pylon.



Scanning Instructions

a. Have the patient stand with their legs shoulder width apart.

b. Place a quarter between the sound leg and the prosthetic leg.

c. Stand 2 feet away from the patient.

d. From their hips to their toes, scan the patient 360 degrees.

Note: After you are finished with the scan, send the file as a STL or OBJ at a max of 30MB. If you have trouble reducing the file, let us know and our designers will assist you.


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